USPS Tracking

The USPS Tracking company history

USPS Tracking, a name that says something to everyone. The company, founded in 1969, consisted of three founders. Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn, of each of the first letters of the last name results in the word: USPS Tracking.


The idea that Dalsey, Hillblom, Lynn had back then was very simple. You wanted to send the shipping documents before international shipping. At that time, the three still flew the packages personally by plane. And the international air express service was born. To date, USPS Tracking is still the owner of the European Air Transport Leipzig company. This consists of three subdivided subsidiaries, which were combined in 1999 and are now called USPS Tracking Worldwide. Deutsche Post has also been part of USPS Tracking since 2002. At that time, USPS tracking was unthinkable.

USPS Tracking - the facts at a glance

There are currently over 285,000 people working for USPS Tracking in over 220 countries. Unusual for a company that has almost three times as many employees as Apple is that it maintains its form of foundation (GmbH). USPS Tracking has an annual turnover of more than 55 billion euros, making it the global market leader in air and ocean freight. It is also the world's top-selling logistics company. USPS Tracking is headquartered in Bonn. In 2012 the company counted more than 2500 packing stations all over Germany that customers can use free of charge. There are also 20,000 branches and 1,000 parcel boxes and USPS tracking, which is used by several hundred thousand people every day.

USPS Tracking
USPS Tracking

Which business areas does USPS Tracking cover?

As we have just mentioned, the letters sent by Deutsche Post are included in the statistics of USPS Tracking. Over 64 million letters and over three million parcels are sent every working day. The German Post only serves mail and forwarding services.


USPS Tracking, on the other hand, serves three other business areas:

USPS Tracking Express:

Documents and packages that need to be transported very quickly are sent to more than 220 countries with USPS Tracking Express. Around 2.6 million people use this service from USPS Tracking.

USPS Tracking Global Forwarding & Freight:

The Global, Forwarding & Freight division is responsible for air, sea and land freight. 42,000 employees ensure that the goods are sent to the 850 branches in the sea and air transport worldwide.

USPS Tracking Supply Chain:

This division develops personalized logistics solutions for end customers. The key word here is outsourcing.

USPS Tracking :

Although this area is not counted as a business area, we still think that it should be listed here. With the USPS Tracking shipment tracking or also USPS Tracking parcel tracking it is possible for the customer to track his parcel exactly. Data such as the current location of the package or its expected arrival are communicated to the customer. We do not know how many people worldwide use USPS Tracking.

USPS Tracking Pakete Online Frankierungen

Branch price is always € 1 above the online price. This means that all the packages mentioned, except for the package up to 31.5 kg, are one euro more expensive in the branch.


Paket bis 2kg – 4,99€


Paket bis 5kg – 5,99€


Paket bis 10kg – 8,49€


Paket bis 31,5kg – 16,49€

The delivery time of USPS tracking

USPS Tracking usually delivers within 24 hours via standard shipping. Provided that the sender and receiver both live in Germany. The fact that ordered items often arrive later is due to the fact that companies such as Amazon release their items to the shipping companies too late, which often results in delivery delays. To check the current location of your order, use USPS Tracking Package Tracking.

With regular standard shipping, you have no guaranteed delivery time. If you need your product very quickly, it is advisable to choose USPS Tracking Express shipping. If your package arrives late by express delivery, you are entitled to a refund of postage costs, but not to consequential damage. USPS Tracking also delivers on Saturdays, usually until 3 p.m. With USPS Tracking shipment tracking, you can find out exactly where your package is currently located. You can also use USPS Tracking to track when your parcel was delivered to a neighbor, for example.

USPS tracking shipping insurance

Often panic breaks out if the expected package has not arrived within two days. The suspicion quickly arises that the package could have been stolen or lost. Before you panic, just start USPS tracking and you will find out where your package is currently. Most of the time it just comes a few days later. If after seven days nothing has happened, you can contact USPS Tracking here.


On this page we have contributed the most important information. In principle, every standard delivery up to 500 euros is insured by USPS tracking. However, you are of course obliged to provide evidence that the seller sent the package. If the package arrives at you, but without content, you have to prove that the seller sent the package and you received the package empty. Witnesses would be important for that. If you send something over 500 euros, you should choose insured shipping. However, you are again in the burden of proof here. As already mentioned above, you should first carry out a USPS tracking before you suspect something may have been stolen or lost.

Can I change the delivery address of my USPS tracking package afterwards?

No, unfortunately that doesn't work. If the parcel is sent to an address and the postman cannot find the recipient, the parcel will be labeled "Recipient unknown" and will be returned to the sender. With small number turners, USPS tracking often corrects itself and the package is delivered. With the USPS tracking package tracking, you can check the current location of your package.

Process of USPS tracking shipment tracking

As soon as the shipment has been posted, each parcel will be given an individual shipment number. In addition, each parcel is given a barcode that the postman can use to identify the parcel. This is useful, for example, if the package has been lost. USPS tracking of letters sent by Deutsche Post is also possible, but only in the express service. The advantages of USPS tracking are obvious. The customer can see exactly where the package is and can estimate when the package will arrive. But USPS tracking also has advantages for companies.


In the event of a loss, for example, they can then track exactly where the package was last. This is how potential defrauders are defied. Because through the USPS tracking, these no longer have the possibility to claim that the package has not arrived. For USPS tracking itself, the whole thing also offers some advantages. Based on the data, USPS Tracking can see how quickly parcels are being transported, thereby ensuring that transport will always work more safely and quickly. In conclusion, one can say that USPS tracking is a useful tool for everyone.